Artists philosophy cont...

The world is shifting towards a new centre; one in which the diferences

between the West and the East are becoming increasingly more obvious. We

seem to be engaged in a fracas between areligion, religious absolutism

and sometimes a battle between Christian concepts of good and bad. In the English

speaking world we are no longer subject to the dogma of Western religion. For better or worse, there is a growing ackowledgement of the concept of Satan,in all it's definitions.

Fear is struck in the heart of those who control our lives that perhaps man is evil by default, not good and should embrace this. A complete reversal of the conventioanal dogma that says 'abandon all base instincts'.The battle between the Darwinian theory that we do not descend from Adam and Eve, but rather from an accident of the universe.


Therefore there cannot be a supreme ruling God, the theory goes.


Although I have toyed with darkness and an occassional submission to malignant

unseen forces I do, by enlarge have faith in a greater good. After my work in  Spiritualism and the Psychic Art field, I had realised, perhaps cynically, that humans are not strong, that most humans have no awareness of their inner world, that is; the part of us that is unseen in the material world, our spirit self, so-to-speak. I have begun to think that there is something to be said for the idea of being content about living in the material world. We have two sides to us, the material and the spiritual.The subjects in my work on the whole reflect an inner turmoil, fears and hangups, but all my work is a part of a grander scheme to ackowledge a greater picture. The portraits, of which I have painted hundreds, are more to do with the subject, the person, as one might expect.

Gary J Campbell