Gary J Campbell saw graffitti about the  the rainforest in 1982.. it read; '' no Amazon, no trees, no oxygen ''


Rachel Carson wrote about environ                                      

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Was Gary J Campbell there first?

Untitled oil 83 NEW Edit Condo that is like Gary

Gary J Campbell  

 painted in1982

George Condo 2002 ...

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FACT George Condo is a great artist, but is anything truly original? Could it be that ideas are in the general subconscious of all? Can it be a case of who gets there first?


Gary 1st Nude study

This life drawing was the artist's first. The artist   acknowledges that there may be a slight problem with the upper arm. It was drawn directly from the model who posed for about 40 minutes. FACT

When he was very young, friends of the artists accused him of being a Pimp. It had been in the local newspapers in South London at the time that he had mentioned in a newspaper his relative had been accused of being involved with a pimp.


FICTION: Neither the artist or any relative known to him were ever a pimp. The article was misinterpreted by one friend, then spread around the circle. He thinks it might be a canard.

 The tutor looked at the drawing and with an astonished look on his face walked away without saying a word. Gary was upset because he thought it must have been a very bad drawing. Another student later told him that the drawing was very good, the tutor was jealous.

The artist remarks

When the artist met Francis Bacon at the October Gallery in the 1980's, Gary tried to have an intelligent

conversation with him, but Bacon was very drunk, he was incoherent.

Gary says Bacon was swearing (cursing).

The artist thinks Bacon was saying, ''Your trousers are torn, your crevat is dirty.'' FACT

In the 1990's when the artist was demonstrating Psychic Art and Clairvoyance, he was on his way to the venue when he mistakenly went to the venue manager's home address. This caused embarrassment because he is supposed to be psychic. On turning up in front of the audience he said that he went there because he had a vision that the managers house was worth seeing. It wasn't true, Gary made a mistake. The audience laughed, they may also have been psychic.

What?... Psychic..??


Bacon Paints

Pimp or Painter?


Gary J Campbell wrote two books of poetry. FACT

They were written under the name Gary Jurgens-Campbell. They are out of print. They may reappear, watch this space.

2 Self Portrait with brush 82 thumb







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