Selected Work '80 - 2007

Trees with LeapingDog

Charles Evans 1988

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Cubist Mart

The Pianist With The Long Neck. pen 1983

Charly Parakeet

Tv Cleaner, pen.1983

Impresionist Mart

Attack Of The Spider Monster

Still Life With Toothpaste...


'Bleeding The Sunday Papers'

(illustration from the book)

David, pencil, 2006

Observational life Drawings


A Negot' Hell large Artists Father oil on canvas 1982 Boots, Ink 1983 First Steps Poster 1982 gary 1983 oil surreal SMALL (2) Life As Cat det M.WattsPastel'83 Man Back pencil pastel 2003 Nightblue sombre mood oil on canvas 1996 Piano Sonata sculpture Portrait Colin Selley oil 1982 Charly man portr Cave Cup, CERAMIC

Boots. pen 1983


Poster for Campbell's

Gallery 1982

3 Dimensional Works

Falling Equestrian pen & wash '83 Lilly Langtry oil on canvas 1986 Feet pastel 1980 I'm Alive, oil1980 4517579646_66x64.jpg
Martin port 1992 det