.. AS A CAT, pencil, coloured pencil, 2006

4514931957_61x42.jpg 4511589479_51x57.jpg 4518397631_46x64.jpg 7 Self Graphic thumb 3 Self Port yellow cravat thumb 4 Self port large eyes thumb 5 Self Portrait As A Cubist Vampire thumbnail self portrait headmaster THUMB

First Self Portrait,

Oil on Canvas, 1980

with Brush, pencil, 1981

with Cravat, crayon, pencil, charcoal, 1982

As a Cubist vampire, oil 1990

with MP3 Player, 2005

Digital Image with digital drawing and

digital collage, 2007

with Large Eyes, charcoal 1984

1 Self Port Collage thumb 6 Self Port classic thumb

Self Portrait collage, 1983

Self Portrait as a Victorian Headmaster, 1993

Self Portrait with Roy oil on canvas 1980

Classical Self Portrait, 2003

Self Portrait with Roy,1980

7 Self port 1983 thumb

Impressionist Self Portrait, 1983

SELF PORTRAITS 1980-2007 from the 2007 exhibition 

2 Self Portrait with brush 82 thumb Self 3d Eye THUMB