him to say that a boy was on a hospital floor...''  


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                  Give Boris the common sense message


        Democracy Is Disappearing All Around the World


                                BRITAIN A DICTATORSHIP ? Churchill will be turning in his grave.

'' If you are a UK voter, do the right thing: DO NOT VOTE for Boris He is not perfect, but he will save our nearly great country from the outrage that is Boris Johnson and his ilk. ''  I am not  really interested in politics, but I have seen the light.''

Boris wants to reinstate the British class system and make us all pay for our vital health services. He is quite brazen about it. This is my opinion, I know, I am speaking sense.

UK Politics is now the same as US politics; IMAGE! IMAGE! IMAGE! If you vote for a facile Dictatorship, YOU WILL GET ONE.


As an artist, I have never been overtly political, but I understand the importance of this matter.

Boris does not care about people who are not rich.. He switched off his phone when a man called   


... using your heart is as important as using your head. At this crucial time in British history. This expresses common contemporary ideology about how England is still a fairly important Satellite country in world affairs. '' It is not that Boris Johnson only cares about himself, most human beings are as bit like that. (Not Mother Teresa). ''


Despite crippling arthritis in his right hand, the artist has blocked links  to his artwork, ' About ' etc. on his website Homepage with a red message stating THAT HE TRULY BELIEVES IN DEMOCRACY; and to show that he is unbiased, has included a link to his cartoon about Tony Blair's action on Weapons Of  Mass Destruction during his time in office as British Prime Miinister.


Mr. Campbell, who has also got a vague profile as a Spiritualist Medium and clairvoyant, has received no payments or pressure from any political parties or individuals. The Artist has no backing or commercial links, but just says... ‘’Do the right thing..’’


Gary is the brother of the well known Still Life Painter Raymond Campbell. Gary says, '' We need to maintain democracy here in the UK, at least, when democracy is crumbling around the world. My politics are with the common sense party, I have no great sympathy's with any particular mindset or agenda.


'' I have never had political ambition, not even that interested in politics, but we have to consider what is going on, for example in China,  People outside of the citys in China will be unable to buy anything non essential because physical cash is being phased out. The rich city dwellers, not poor rural people will survive quite well.


'' If you accept my assertions; and you happen to have no voting rights for the UK electorate, then use the power of your mind to create a more fair society; Vex him (Him), Haystacks Hair, Silly Wobble (on your bike). If I was as interested in politics as I am in art, I would set up ' The Common Brense Party'. Ordinary people, by that I mean those who have no influence over in greater society just the power of Ballot box, have been forced to endure chaos, we are so busy our  lives that we have no time to think about what is really going on. I don't mean that in a patronising way,  I only recently cottoned on to the part-picture myself. I have temporarily put down my paintbrush to write this.'

11pm Wednesday 9th Dec 2019

Gary's Satire on Tony Blair click